Fun In The Sun Comes To An End For A Wanted Steroids Dealer

A Bodybuilding Anabolic Steroid Dealer’s  fun in the tropical island paradise has come to an end.

Terence Murrell was a male model involved with a drugs gang importing raw steroids from China has been arrested while on the run in Indonesia.

Terrence Murrell, 30, from London, was jailed for 37 months in his absence at Caernarfon Crown Court in October.

The court heard he was leading the life of a tourist on the island of Bali and had been seen in photos on Facebook.

He had previously admitted conspiracy to supply a controlled drug and possession with intent to supply.

North Wales Police Detective Steven Williams said: “We are aware of the arrest of Terence David Murrell in Bali.

“He remains outstanding for the offences he was convicted of last October, and we will await the outcome of the proceedings in Bali.

“Ultimately, he will have to face justice in this country for these offences.”

Bogus addresses
The drugs ring of 15 defendants conspired to import, produce and then sell steroids and hormone tablets around north Wales, London and Leeds and on a number of websites.

It was broken after customs officials intercepted a number of parcels addressed to the defendants or bogus business addresses they were using to hide the conspiracy.


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Drugs worth almost £2m had been seized and the gang were thought to have made £1.2m profit in two years.

Murrell is thought to have made more than £220,000 from the supply of steroids.


Terrence, a convicted steroid dealer who thought it was a good idea to flee Wales on the eve of his sentencing hearing. Murrell flew to the tropical Indonesian island of Bali. The only problem with Bali is that Indonesia has an extradition treaty with the United Kingdom.

Murrell could have gone to a country that did not have an extradition treaty. It may not have been as much fun as living in Bali but he could have conceivably avoided going to jail.

Murrell obviously didn’t really have much of a plan other than avoiding the inevitable. He even told prosecutors exactly where he went in message publicly shared on social media.

The self-described model posted several pictures on his Facebook and Instagram accounts giving up his location in Bali. He bragged about living the “boss life” in Bali. Whether he intended it or not, the social media posts essentially taunted prosecutors.

Did Murrell think that he had escaped the long arm of the law by going to Bali?

Murrell did not seem to have a single worry about facing the music for his conviction of Conspiracy to Supply a Class C Controlled Drug (anabolic steroids) and Possession with Intent to Supply a Class C Controlled Drug (anabolic steroids).

Murrell was convicted in May 2018. He skipped the country before his sentencing date in October 2018. But that didn’t stop the wheels of justice from turning. Caernarfon Crown Court Judge Huw Rees sentenced Murrell in absentia to 37 months in prison.

Murrell was eventually arrested by Denpasar Police on July 28, 2019. He had overstayed his visa by more than 150 days. In addition, he was accused of violating Indonesia’s strict anti-pornography laws.

Murrell had apparently been selling pornographic videos of himself. He had allegedly used his mobile phone to make the videos. Murrell was identified by distinctive tattoos that appeared in the videos.

The bodybuilder’s venture into pornography may have been a desperate attempt by Murrell to continue to financial support himself after his ill-gotten steroid dealing funds ran out.

Murrell will most likely be extradited back to the UK after the conclusion of court proceedings in Bali.

Murrell played a bit role working for a Welsh-based underground lab (UGL). He was one of 15 individuals involved in the multi-million steroid manufacturing and trafficking operation.

David Jenkins was the mastermind of the UGL. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Two other men were sentenced to 5 years each in prison. Most of the remaining co-conspirators were sentenced to less than 2 years in prison.

We can only wonder if Judge Rees felt compelled to give Murrell a longer prison sentence because the male model fled the country?

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